Getting started….

Procrastination (Pro-cras-ti-na-tion) “To put off intentionally what should be done.” (merriam-webster)

Procrastination is a word that has haunted me my entire life.  The only relief I’ve ever felt from the impending sense of doom it brings about is a little quote which goes something like “the hardest part of any job is getting started”.  From the stressful nights I spent with my mother, studying for the next day’s spelling test, to the nights I went sleepless while attempting to finish a term paper in graduate school.  I have always watched as those who are organized plan, follow-through, and even manage to leave a little bit of time so they are not pulling out their hair at the last minute.  It is important, however, to note that I have learned to embrace my lack of organization, and am proud of what I have been able to accomplish in my life thus far.  And, while the vast majority of those types of deadlines are now behind me, I am finding it equally difficult in my “adult” life to begin to self-impose deadlines.  These types of deadlines are very different from the ones of my school days, and are generally centered around a value or goal that will serve to move my life in “values-oriented” direction.

Since leaving school it has not always been easy to make adult decisions about how and where to invest my time and energy so that my life may bear the fruits of my labor.  For so long, I believed that if I followed through with school the rest of life (job, house, life, etc.) would unravel before me from that point.  One does not have to look far to learn that some 53% of college graduates are unemployed or underemployed.  This leaves me with one pressing question “what next?” (and I’m not even facing retirement!).  If my education might not serve me like I hoped it would, if the economy may not provide for me like I thought it might, what then do I value investing my time and energy in?  Thankfully, I have had a wonderful companion on this journey (4 wonderful companions to be exact).  I am so incredibly grateful for my family who believes in my abilities, inspires me to dream big, and who helps to pick me up when the weight of the world knocks me down.

With that in mind, I introduce to you my attempt to begin one of the grandest undertakings of my life thus far.  To design and build a “tiny house” for my family and I (2 adults, 2 dogs, and 1 cat).  With that, I will begin where any good project begins, by researching and planning how and what I intend to do in order to make this project come to fruition.

Welcome to this blog.  It is my intention that it will serve as a community space for sharing ideas, troubles, and triumphs, related to radically simplifying our lives so that we may live more sustainably and harmoniously with each other and the environment.


Mitchell Mast

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One Response to Getting started….

  1. Steve says:

    Nice to meet you,Mitchell! I share some of your lifestyle,my friend…I’ve never been one to quit,but to procrastinate? OH yes,LMBO! 😛

    As I’m gearing up to begin a similar journey myself,looking forward to reading all about yours 🙂


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