Our “tiny” Manifesto

manifesto“A manifesto is a written public declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.”    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manifesto, 09/2012)

Our “tiny” manifesto presents our life stance (part of it) and why a tiny house and tiny living brings us closer to living a life that is aligned with our values.

Why Tiny?

Because we wish to be free of the chains of debt.  Chains that limit our spending power and ultimately keep us tethered to a system of money and greed.

Because we understand the impact of rising consumption and waste that is proliferated and glorified by our culture at large.

Because it is possible to spend far too much of our lives working to sustain the financial costs and physical maintenance of a more “traditional” home.

Because we see “tiny” living as an opportunity to take big risks, push our personal views, and follow our dreams!

Because we understand the impermanence of this life, and value ‘quality of life’ over ‘quantity of possessions’.

Because it is our belief that it is our personal responsibilities to make smart and sustainable choices regarding our lifestyles and how we care for our community and ourselves.

“Tiny” Intentions…

It is our intention to take on the responsibility of building a house that is appropriate for our family.  Through the building process it is our intention that we will minimize the additional inputs needed to create our tiny home by reusing, re-purposing, and re-furbishing any and all building materials.

It is our intention that we experience a heightened connection with our community as we depend largely on experience, materials, and assistance from the people who surround us.  Through connecting with our community we intend to gain more understanding of how to work with one another to address important social and environmental problems.

It is our intention that we will confront the personal limitations (mental and physical) that may, at times, stand in our way.  We will show ourselves and others compassion, as we all are working to find our personal peace on this earth

It is our intention that we will build upon this experience by continuing to share our knowledge and experiences with those we come in to contact with.

It is our intention that this “tiny home” serve as a vehicle to take us further down our values paths.  And that path should include helping others, caring for and cultivating the land which sustains us, creating beautiful art, and living a lifestyle that is in harmony with the values of nature.

In the way that life is an open book, we intend for this document to be ‘living’ and ‘fluid’, open to change.  We understand that we are shaped by our environment as much as we intend to shape it.  It is our hope that we continue to work on being flexible and mindful.

Thank you for reading and learning a little bit more about our family.


-All of us


2 Responses to Our “tiny” Manifesto

  1. Emily says:

    Hello all,
    I admire your reasons and intentions for living the way you are setting out to live. Thank you for sharing your experiences and reflections. I’m looking forward to reading more!

    • Thanks Emily. This truly is our way of attempting to align our lives in a valued direction. We welcome any similar stories, ideas, and comments you may have along the way. It’s been a cold winter, but we look forward to bringing lots of new content this Spring, and starting our build in June!

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