Our Wish List

Thank you for taking the time to look through some of the items we’re currently looking for.  We will work on maintaining a complete, updated list here.  If you are able to point us in the right direction for used/new (local) materials, have something to contribute, or know of something we haven’t considered here please let us know!

Wish List:

  • Flatbed Trailer (8′X20′ish)
  • Windows (double hung, vinyl/wood, various sizes)
  • Exterior Door (no larger than 36″ wide, wood, etc.)
  • Inspirations/Ideas (please let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas!)
  • Building plans (we are calling on any contractor within ear/eye shot to help us with our design.  Home-cooked meals and/or produce shares, and/or dog sitting, and/or yard maintenance included)
  • A place to build (we will need a spacious, safe, and preferably covered area to complete our project) We will begin building our tiny home in June 2013 at Green Anchors in St. Johns, Portland, OR.  We are so grateful to Green Anchors for taking us in and providing an appropriate space to build (we even get to grow a garden there this year).  We look forward to collaborating with all the forward thinking tenants in this collective space!
  • Local lumber

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